Small business marketing in London Ontario Canada

Searching for small business marketing in London Ontario?  Where do you even start?  Are you looking to do radio ads, print media, social media advertising? 

The end game for all types of marketing is making more sales for the least amount of marketing spend possible.  So what is the best form of advertising for your business?  Well let’s look at a couple different methods so you can make an informed decision. 

1. search engine optimization london

This is by far the best way to get to the most highly targeted clients.  It’s not right for every business though.  If you are in the business of selling high ticket items or services like a plastic surgery procedure or a driveway paving company, this is extremely lucritive.  You can get in front of highly targeted people that are searching directly for your service when you go with an ontario seo company

2. Social media marketing

Social media is a great practice for every business.  You can lose your shirt with paid ads if you don’t do it right though.  There are countless services that make social media management very simple.  Using services like Buffer or Quu make your social media literally idiot proof while giving you the ability to generatine engagement automatically. 

3. Wifi Marketing

Placing a social wifi router in your business is the quickest way to build an email list if you are a local store or business that has a lot of foot traffic.  So how do you capture leads with social wifi?  Simple, you setup the router and it automatically captures your customer’s social media and email so you can remarket to them.  With the latest pokemon go craze this is literally the easiest way to capture information.  You can market to this list yourself or you can sell it to other comapnies as well. 

There you have it, these are the most effective ways to capture leads and make sales when you are promoting your small business.  Forget the print ads, forget the radio, there are so many more effective ways to market your small business and get new clients. 

How Customized Round Gel Ice Packs Can Help Bring In Patients

Bringing in new clients to your medical practice plagues business owners across North America.  Where do you even start?  How can you ensure that your advertising dollars are being spent in the right place?

Well there is a creative solution that we have found where you don’t even have to spend any extra advertising dollars. When you are handing out customized ice packs to your patients for post procedure treatment you are effectively branding your business and taking care of them in their time of need. 

It’s been proven by the University of Michican that when you give someone a promotional product as they leave your business, they are 55% more likely to recommend your services to a friend.  That is a HUGE increase!  If you are currently using round ice packs in your practice, why not get them branded for free? 

That is where comes in.  Not only do they have literally any size, any shape or any gel color, they also brand all of their packs FREE OF CHARGE!  If you claim to offer the best services in your area, you need the best products to represent your business.  It really grinds my gears when I get a procedure done that costs over $1k and the doctor gives me a cheap ice pack that’s not comfortable.  Now that I know they can get a fully FDA Registered registered gel pack that is made in Canada for virtually the same price, it’s even more disconcerning.

After speaking with the people over at Gelpax extensively about their products and using them myself I can tell you a few things about their products that are awesome!

1. All of their round ice packs have a protective backing on them. 

The protective backing is soft and amazing to use against the skin in sensitive areas.  If you are doing procedures like botox, dental implants, or facial surgeries this one is perfect. 

2. Their promotional ice packs are made in Canada!

You can be sure that the gel packs you are giving to your patients are fully FDA registered and safe to use.  Products that are made in Canada have more strict regulations then products that are made overseas. 

3. There are limitless possibilities to customize their products.

You can change the gel color, print color, size, shape, etc.  No other company on the market gives as many options as Gelpax. 

Another great way to use customized gel packs is to give them away at an event or trade show.  It will tie in with your theme of surgical and medical procedures and people will keep it and put it in their freezer.  Handing these out just flat out works at bringing in more patients.  

I sincerely hope that this has helped you in your quest to looking for some more ways you can generate new business.  After speaking with a company that has sold more than 3 million of these little gel packs I can assure you these are working for hundreds of private practices across the United States.